If you have any problems, questions or comments, or notice anything that concerns you, please talk to the staff on the registration desk.

Should we find it necessary to ask a Polyday attendee to leave for the safety or wellbeing of others, no refund will be offered.


If you have general questions, comments or enquiries, please get in touch using this form.



If you are a journalist, media creator or artist working on a piece on polyamory you are welcome at Polyday but:

  • You have to buy a ticket.
  • You have to request and wear a press badge at all times.
  • You cannot photograph or record workshops in any way.
  • You can only interview people outside sessions with their express consent

It will also help if you read this article before.

Angel Fund Application

If you can’t afford a Concession ticket or need financial help for travel, please fill in the form bellow to apply for aid from the “Angel Fund” (donated by other people attending).

Please note that the funds available depend on how many people buy Angel Tickets and, thus, we can’t guarantee that your application will be successful.


Polyday is made by volunteers and its never too early or too late to become one!

Polyday is created entirely through the effort and skills of volunteers (including the organisers – we also pay for our own tickets!). We still need volunteers on the day to help greet shy attendees, guide people to the next sessions, and generally help keep the place tidy and welcoming. If you find it hard to chat to strangers and you feel shy approaching conversations, here’s an opportunity to help others like you by being a Polyday ambassador! You’ll still be able to sit in on the sessions so you won’t miss a thing. You can also take a break whenever you need (as long as we still have at least one person on shift to help people).

If you’d like to form part of the group of people actively organising Polyday or just want to lend a hand on the day, let us know!

Sponsorship Opportunities

Would you like to sponsor Polyday in any way?