Polyday has been running most years since 2006. After a two-year hiatus from the pandemic, we are back. The team is mostly the same as in 2019 and a few years before. If you want to read about our history, check out our Wikipedia page. Meet the Team:

Captain Morgan Grey (She/They)
Project Manager. Winner of a top 50 inclusive UK companies award. Pirate!
Eunice Hung (She/Her)
Psychotherapist, author, podcaster, and event organiser. She has a teapot collection because she’s too allergic to have a cat.
Charlotte Davies (She/Her)
Perpetual Organiser, Lesbian cryptid, and plant necromancer. Also a user of Oxford commas.
Angus Gulliver (He/Him)
Mad scientist. Fulled by tea. Hoarder of rare black wax. Owner of too many cameras, though he doesn’t know how many that is.

Jamaika Campos (She/They)
A perpetual student who occasionally accidentally signs up for classes and often volunteers. Also starting to lose track of their camera collection.

Ziroby Romero (He/Him)
A minion to my muse. A crafter of software, words, crafts, manipulated photos, and 3D-printed art.

Nita Guillver (She/Her)
HEAD Bitch
American in Luton. Bean counter by day, enjoys binge watching TV, International Rugby Union, and naps. Pisces so wears her heart on her sleeve.

James Fielding (He/Him)