A Notice of Cancellation

It is with the greatest regret that we, the Polyday team, have taken the decision as a committee to cancel Polyday 2022.  

Some booked speakers for 2022 have reported that they have received threats after being announced at this year’s event, as a result of associating with the committee. Due to the hostile actions taken against our speakers, we cannot in good conscience continue with the event, particularly given the vulnerability of our speakers, the majority of whom are marginalised in multiple ways. Going ahead will only hurt and fracture the community and for us that’s unconscionable.

The committee, speakers, and Polyday, are being tarnished with guilt by association. 

If you are not aware, there is an ongoing situation, including legal disputes, between Franklin Veaux and his accusers (see: I Tripped on the (Polyamorous) Missing Stair; and Franklin Veaux’s own statement)

One long standing member of the committee has a business relationship and intimate friendship with Franklin Veaux. However, he is not a part of the Polyday organisation in any way and has never been involved at all other than appearing along with Eve Rickert at Polyday 2015 for a book signing. 

This is what has led to our final decision to cancel Polyday indefinitely, until another team is able to step up and take the baton to run Polyday as the non-profit, community-focused, volunteer event it has always been – preferably a team that is at least as diverse as the current team. If you would like to run Polyday please contact nita.polyday@gmail.com to discuss handover.

Thank you so much for your support of us, and the event over these many years. Since we were passed the baton by the previous Polyday team in 2015, we have had many joyous and positive experiences meeting people in person at our events. We are heartbroken that it has come to this, but we don’t want to risk harm to the community.

For a full description of the events, please see This Page.