Polyday 2022 presents the following speakers for our one-day event in London and online on the 15th of October:

Jenny Wilson instigated the International Day of Consent (30th November) in 2018 and champions consent culture, delivering performances, writing, workshops, rituals, discussions, podcasts and festivals. Her consent culture manifesto is at www.consentculture.co.uk and her writing on relationships at loveoffscript.co.uk Based in Bradford, Yorkshire, UK, she also founded Irregular Arts from a belief that the arts can engage, challenge, delight and make a change. She performs character-based work, including genderqueer drag character Mysti Valentine in cabaret, festivals, live art and street performance. “I imagine what it might be like to live in the world I’d like to live in and create spaces where it is possible for myself and others to experience that world.” Queer, neurodivergent, relationship anarchist and solo parent, Jenny is also in Activist Residency at Leeds Beckett University Psychology Dept SSSH! Stigmatised Sexualities and Sexual Harm Research Group; Chair of Happy Valley Pride; coach, restorative practitioner, and facilitator.
Zayna (She, They) Intersectional Therapist & Consultant is an LGBTQIA+, GSRD (Gender, Sex & Relationship Diversity), Non-Monogamies, Race & Ethnicity Hypno-Psychotherapist, diverse relationship coach, presenter, and trainer based in Oxfordshire, UK. A Pink Therapy GSRD aware trainer, Assessor and DEI Officer at The National College of Hypnosis & Psychotherapy. Delivering training, keynotes and mental health consultancy services to a wide variety of corporations, Zayna has thousands of hours of client work and experience in her specialisms. She contributes her knowledge as a columnist to OxMag and Fyne Times and co-hosts the Beyond Monogamy with Zayna and Jonathan podcast. An advocate for raising awareness of marginalised groups within society, Zayna has been nominated for the National Diversity Awards Positive Role Model (LGBT+) 3 times. Zayna’s charity, belonging consulting work and private therapeutic practice explore how race, ethnicity, neurodivergence, social stratification, gender, sexuality, and relationship diversity create a prism of affect upon intersecting minority identities.
DK Green is an advanced accredited psychotherapist and supervisor, living and working within the GSRD communities (gender, sex, relationship diversities). He’s written the chapter on CNM (consensual non-monogamy) for the Pink Therapy Manual due out this year, and the CNM training module for therapists for them. Founder member of www.polycounselling.co.uk. He is a polyamorous, leather, shamanic, trans man.
Joreth was born in 1977 and discovered the word “polyamory” back in 1998 when it suddenly dawned on her that she was terrible at monogamy. She has since become a poly community organizer, a poly activist, a poly advice columnist, a poly movie reviewer, a media trainer and lecturer on polyamory and intersectional topics, Chairman of Media Acquisitions for the Polyamory Archive Collection at the Kinsey Institute Library, and a formidable internet flame warrior focusing on defending ethics and the values of polyamory and poly relationships. Her current network configuration is that of a sprawling inclusive poly web that spans 3 countries on 2 continents, in which Joreth practices solo poly with several deeply intimate long-term partners. Joreth’s uses female pronouns like “she” and “her” but male titles like sir and cameraman (her profession), however, male pronouns are also acceptable while female titles are not. Her gender identity is complex, so ask her about it if you’re curious.
Jonathan Kent is the author of the ground-breaking book ‘A World Beyond Monogamy. A comprehensive look at Consensual Non Monogamy‘ based on more than 50 interviews with academics, activists and people who love and relate in ways outside the mainstream, it broadens the conversation about CNM beyond North America by including the voices of people from six continents. A journalist, broadcaster and writer, Jonathan has been a political reporter and a foreign correspondent and has reported for among others, the BBC, Reuters, Newsweek, The Daily Telegraph and KQED. He wrote, produced and presented the BBC Radio 4 series Our Daily Bread, lately co-produced the Radio 4 documentary Becoming British Chinese and also co-presents, with the GSRD and intersectional author and psychotherapist Zayna, the podcast ‘Beyond Monogamy‘. Jonathan read philosophy and theology at Keble College, Oxford and divides his time between darkest Sussex and sweltering Singapore.

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Dr Lori Beth Bisbey is a psychologist, accredited advanced GSRD (gender, sex, relationship diversity) therapist, sex & intimacy coach, author, host of the A to Z of Sex® podcast, and resident specialist therapist on the hit Channel 4 TV show Open House: The Great Sex Experiment. She spent the past 35 years working with people to help them created and maintain amazing authentic relationships & recover from trauma so that they thrive.  She regularly contributes to print media, podcasts, radio and TV on a wide variety of subjects around relationships, sex, sexuality, gender and trauma.  Her pronouns are she/her and she identifies as a queer polyamorous leather woman.  She is in a 24/7 authority transfer based relationship with her husband that has thus far lasted 13 ½ years and currently.  Her website is the place to go for more information, drloribethbisbey.com.  You can find her on Instagram and Twitter: @drbisbey, TikTok: @loribethuk, Facebook: drloribethbisbey.